Bert Sommer
Bert Sommer01
Bert Sommer and band at Woodstock
Performed on Day 1
Started at 7.15 pm, Friday, 15th
Played for 40 min. (approx.)
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Festival Day Chronology
Prev. artist Sweetwater at 6.15 pm
Next artist Tim Hardin at 9.00 pm

Bert Sommer played on Friday, August 15th. According to the website[1], which is published in honor of Bert Sommer, he started his set at 8:20 pm. This is probably not correct since the video shows that there is still enough daylight though there are clouds. Sunset occured around 8.00 pm[2] so he must have played earlier. An estimated starting time at 7.15 pm seems to be a good guess.

Bert Sommer played for about 30 to 40 minutes (based on the given setlist) accompanied by a bass and a second guitarist. Since he was a talented Folk artist he fit perfectly in the Friday band schedule.

Musicians Edit

  • Bert Sommer - guitar, vocals
  • Charlie Bilello - bass
  • Ira Stone - guitar, organ, harmonica

Setlist Edit

  1. Jennifer
  2. The Road to Travel
  3. I Wondered Where You Be
  4. She's Gone
  5. Things Are Going My Way
  6. And When It's Over
  7. Jeanette
  8. America
  9. A Note That Read
  10. Smile

Details Edit

Bert Sommer's setlist is based upon information from his website. It was confirmed in 2009 in the book The Road to Woodstock[3].

Availability Edit

"America" was made available on Bert Sommer's website[4] as an MP3 file. "Jennifer" can be found on Woodstock Diaries. "She's Gone", "Things Are Going My Way" and "A Note that Read" are available on Ken Bielen's audience tape. Also, "Jennifer", "And When It's Over" and "Smile" are included on the 40th anniversary box set Woodstock: 40 Years On: Back to Yasgur's Farm.

Currently the most complete source is a non-soundboard recording made from the stage by his guitarist Ira Stone.

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References Edit

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