Keef Hartley Band
Keef Hartley
Promo shot of Keef Hartley (not taken at Woodstock)
Performed on Day 2
Started at 4.45 pm, Saturday, 16th
Played for 45 min. (approx.)
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Next artist The Incredible String Band at 6.00 pm

The Keef Hartley Band was the first British band that performed at Woodstock. Unfortunately, their manager demanded to be paid upfront for the rights to record or film the band without their knowledge, so they were never included on any official Woodstock release.

They went on stage on Saturday, the 16th at about 4:45 pm.

Musicians Edit

  • Keef Hartley - drums
  • Miller Anderson - guitar, vocals
  • Jimmy Jewell - saxophone
  • Henry Lowther - trumpet, violin
  • Gary Thain - bass

Setlist Edit

  1. Spanish Fly
  2. She's Gone
  3. Too Much Thinkin'
  4. Believe In You
  5. Rock Me Baby
  6. Medley: Sinnin' For You (Intro) > Leaving Trunk > Just to Cry > Sinnin' for You

Details Edit

Of the above setlist only the first song "Spanish Fly" is completely available, a latin-themed Blues-Rock song supported by a trumpet and a saxophone.

"Believe In You" comes from Keef Hartley's then still unreleased album Battle of North West Six (1970).

Miscellaneous Edit

It is rumoured that they played with Santana's equipment and that they weren't content with their gig[1][2].

Woodstock was the first U.S. gig for the band. They played to support their album Halfbreed (1969).

In 2009 song fragments from an audience recording were discovered. The titles could be identified as[3]:

  • "Too Much Thinking" (02:35)
  • "Think It Over" (01:31)
  • "Believe In You" (00:46)

The Keef Hartley Band setlist doesn't list the song "Think It Over" but due to analogue recording material it is most likely that the given order from the audience tape is correct and thus one more song exists. However, without knowing any other, more complete recordings this cannot be proved.

Availability Edit

No official sources are known. "Spanish Fly" and the three song fragments above come from audience tapes. According to Keef Hartley's autobiography Halfbreed his manager requested $2.000 in advance to be recorded and filmed which was refused[4].

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References Edit

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