Live (The Road Goes Ever On)
Live (The Road Goes Ever On)
Album cover of Mountain's Live album
Released 1972
Length 34:28
Label Windfall
Producer Felix Pappalardi, Bud Prager
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This album has only four tracks but is considered by fans as one of Mountain's best live releases. It shows the band with aggressive and loud power, stretching songs far beyond every reasonable level.  This one also has Woodstock-related material on it (tracks 1 and 2).

Disc 1
# Title Length
1. "Long Red" (Live at the Woodstock Festival 1969) 5:43
2. "Waiting to Take You Away" (Live at the Woodstock Festival 1969) 4:39
3. "Crossroader" 6:17
4. "Nantucket Sleighride" 17:34

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