Paul Butterfield Blues Band
Paul Butterfield Blues Band01
Paul Butterfield Blues Band at Woodstock
Performed on Day 3
Started at 6.00 am, Monday, 18th
Played for 70 min.
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Festival Day Chronology
Prev. artist Crosby, Stills & Nash (and Young) at 3.00 am
Next artist Sha Na Na at 7.30 am

The Paul Butterfield Blues Band is known as one of the few original Chicago Blues followers. In 1965 and 1966 they made their legendary albums with the original line-up: the self-titled Paul Butterfield Blues Band and the Indian influenced East-West. Among others they played at the Monterey International Pop Festival 1967, too.

Two years later much had changed for them. The original members (except the founder, Paul Butterfield himself) had left the band. The band added a horn section but the albums didn't reach the quality of the predecessors. The Woodstock gig seems like the last great struggle of the band.

The Paul Butterfield Blues Band played in the morning hours of Monday, the 18th. The starting time was supposed to be 6.00 am.

Musicians Edit

  • Paul Butterfield - vocals, harmonica and flute
  • Howard "Buzzy" Feiten - guitar
  • Rod Hicks - bass
  • Ted Harris - keyboards
  • Phillip Wilson - drums and vocals
  • Steve Madaio - trumpet and percussion
  • Keith Johnson - trumpet and percussion
  • David Sanborn - alto saxophone and percussion
  • Trevor Lawrence - baritone saxophone and percussion
  • Gene Dinwiddie - tenor saxophone, percussion and vocals

Setlist Edit

  1. Born Under a Bad Sign
  2. No Amount of Loving
  3. Driftin' and Driftin'
  4. Morning Sunrise
  5. All in a Day
  6. Love March
  7. Everything's Gonna Be Alright

Details Edit

By the time of Woodstock the Paul Butterfield Blues Band had abandoned its roots of Chicago Blues. The horn section adds a big band touch to the music which reminds of Blood, Sweat & Tears at times. Only two songs, the slow number "Driftin' and Driftin'" and the catchy "Everything's Gonna Be Alright", show the virtuosity of Paul Butterfield's harmonica playing.

Availability Edit

Available songs are scattered over several official releases. It was difficult to get hold of them. At the end of 2015 the Complete Albums 1965-1980 box set was released which contains the full Woodstock concert.

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