Santana (The Woodstock Experience)
Santana (The Woodstock Experience)
Album cover of Santana's Woodstock Experience album
Released June 30, 2009
Length 101:49
Label Columbia/Legacy
Producer Brent Dangerfield, Bob Irwin
Series Chronology
Santana (Legacy Edition)
Santana (The Woodstock Experience)

The Woodstock Experience (issued by Columbia (Sony) in 2009) is the follow-up to the Legacy Edition of Santana's debut album from 1969. The first disc includes the original studio recordings and the second disc contains the now complete Woodstock gig (the Legacy Edition was missing "Evil Ways"). The CDs are packaged in mini-LP covers, liner notes and a poster of Santana is included (see package overview below).

Disc 1
# Title Length
1. "Waiting" 4:04
2. "Evil Ways" 3:57
3. "Shades Of Time" 3:14
4. "Savor" 2:47
5. "Jingo" 4:20
6. "Persuasion" 2:32
7. "Treat" 4:43
8. "You Just Don't Care" 4:34
9. "Soul Sacrifice" 6:37

Disc 2
# Title Length
1. "Waiting" (Live at the Woodstock Festival 1969) 4:49
2. "Evil Ways" (Live at the Woodstock Festival 1969) 4:00
3. "You Just Don't Care" (Live at the Woodstock Festival 1969) 4:47
4. "Savor" (Live at the Woodstock Festival 1969) 5:23
5. "Jingo" (Live at the Woodstock Festival 1969) 5:31
6. "Persuasion" (Live at the Woodstock Festival 1969) 2:52
7. "Soul Sacrifice" (Live at the Woodstock Festival 1969) 11:35
8. "Fried Neck Bones And Some Home Fries" (Live at the Woodstock Festival 1969) 6:41

Criticism Edit

Most live tracks are a few seconds shorter than those on the Legacy Edition, meaning they were edited. On The Woodstock Experience the next song is announced at the end of the previous track while on the Legacy Edition the songs are announced at the start of the track. If you take the Woodstock tracks from the Legacy Edition and add the missing "Evil Ways" the concert reaches a running time of 46:30 compared to a running time of only 45:38 on the second disc of this album. Also customers on Amazon complained about the sound quality of the studio tracks which seem not be reused from the Legacy Edition but taken from another, older source (maybe the original CD issue).

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