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The setlist needs modification. A Change is Gonna Come and Leaving This Town are the same song, not two different ones. The Bear Talks is not a song - Just a 25 second introduction of their new guitarist. They did not perform Let's Work Together - The song would not be released until 1970. They also did not perform Too Many Drivers at the Wheel. There's no song like it on any of their albums. -- 05:58, 21 July 2009 (UTC)

Thanks for the notification. I received the complete list of songs from the Michael Lang book and will correct all setlists and playing times during the next days. Markus 18:50, 4 August 2009 (UTC)

1. Yes, "A Change Is Gonna Come/Leaving This Town" is one song -- no doubt the combined name indicates two guesses at the possible title. Actually, those two are also titles of completely different songs, one by Sam Cooke and the other by the Beach Boys. I have seen one crappy online setlist that assumes this is a medley of those songs as indicated by the writing credits they add.
2. Yes, I was thinking "The Bear Talks" was probably nothing more than Bob "The Bear" Hite doing just that: talking. Had no idea someone had bothered giving a name to a 25 second intro, though.
3. No. If you are going to reject "Let's Work Together" just because it wasn't released on record until 1970, you'd have to eliminate a LOT of songs we KNOW were played at Woodstock.
4. Again, no. No band ends up recording every song it happens to cover. For instance, the Change/Leaving song is not otherwise known in the Canned Heat corpus. "Too Many Drivers at the Wheel" is an old Big Bill Broonzy song, the kind of classic blues they were likely to play. -- Stonefeather
He's probably right with "Let's Work Together". I removed the song from the current setlist. Markus 15:35, 20 August 2009 (UTC)