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"BBY" is entitled "That's How I Eat" on the Rhino Woodstock box set. What's the correct name of this song?

The correct name is That's How I Eat. Quill only released one album (Quill), and it contains THIE. The album does not contain a song called BBY. And, in one of the audio clips available of their Woodstock performance, you can clearly hear them sing "That's how I eat". - Beatlefreak 04:45, 4 July 2009
Thanks for clearing that up.
But why did you change the running order, too? Right after the John Morris introduction you can hear the song "They Live The Life". This might be edited, though... Any sources for another song listing? Markus 07:44, 4 July 2009 (UTC)
BBY, a song that I wrote was not played at Woodstock.For the record, BBY stands for Baby, its Burning in You, a song about my first wife (now deceased). This song was on the Quill album. The Quill album does not contain That's How I Eat, a son written by my brother Dan. The reason that Rhino gave the false name to that's how i eat was that the song was not registered with BMI, so it was a way to avoid bureaucratic hassle and possibly avoid paying publishing royalties, which they have not done to this day.
Jonathan Cole, Quill bassist, song-writer, co-founder.

Quill recordings Edit

It seems that the band members are still in possession of the complete recordings. These include all four songs (41 minutes) plus an announcement (3 minutes). Markus (talk) 08:45, February 22, 2013 (UTC)