Woodstock Complete is an ambitious project to combine all known sources and re-create the Woodstock Festival of 1969 as it took place. There are a lot of pieces of music scattered over official and unofficial media (LP, CD, tape, VHS, DVD, etc.). So the idea was to put it all together, find the longest and best quality versions, rearrange the material and distribute it under fans.

Since Warner Brothers (who own the rights of all Woodstock audio and video material) are not willing to release the missing music, Woodstock Complete is the essential and most comprehensive source for every Woodstock fan.

History Edit

This chapter covers some information of the history of the Woodstock Complete project.

V.1: Woodstock Complete Edit

Work was begun on in the year 2000 when the idea first arose to put together all material and listen to the whole historic festival at once. Actually two people (who are still major contributors to the project) worked on it independently who later met via Internet and put their knowlegde and music together: Woodstock Complete was born.

This first version, released to the public in 2003, covered 17 CDs and had 219 tracks. It combined bootleg sources and official material in one package in order to offer a complete feeling of the festival. It already contained complete sets in excellent quality (e.g. Janis Joplin, Sly & The Family Stone and Jimi Hendrix) and tried to arrange the sets in the assumed correct running order.

One of the major points of Woodstock Complete is that a lot of stage comments are included, too. This gives a drastically better impression of the festival in contrast to official releases like Woodstock - Three Days of Peace and Music. The comments were mostly taken from bootlegs or video material and were combined with the songs. For instance almost every band gets a nice introduction by stage manager Chip Monk.

V.2: From Havens to Hendrix Edit

The first version of Woodstock Complete was heavily discussed under fans. More and qualitative better material was discovered and missing songs were officially released (e.g. the almost complete set from Santana on the Legacy Editon of their debut album). It was time for the second, revised version: From Havens to Hendrix.

Improvements over the first version[1]:

  • General rearrangements of some band's sets based on given audience recordings, logic and to some part even guessing
  • The running order of day two was corrected
  • The Sweetwater set was expanded with new songs
  • Added "America" to the Bert Sommer set
  • Complete Santana set from Santana (Legacy Edition) added
  • Canned Heat expanded with new audience recordings

Version 2 was released in spring 2006, totalling 20 CDs with 234 tracks.

V.3: The Third Trip Edit

It didn't take long and a third version appeared, this time entitled The Third Trip (and subtitled Three Days of Music, Masses, Mud and Mushroom). Actually there were two "Woodstock Complete V.2" versions, the before mentioned From Haven to Hendrix and another personal edition which also made the rounds in trader circles and had its advantages. So it was just logical to combine these two and make a proper third version.


  • Again changes in the day two running order (see Time Schedule)
  • Tim Hardin's "If I Were a Carpenter" replaced with longer version
  • Joan Baez' "Warm and Tender Love" added
  • Quill set expanded with two additional tracks ("BBY" and "Waiting for You")
  • Replaced the complete The Grateful Dead set with an excellent new source of a soundboard tape
  • Replaced the complete The Band set with an excellent new source of a soundboard tape and added an additional song
  • Added "Long Time Gone" to the Crosby, Stills & Nash (and Young) set
  • Added a stage comment from Chip Monk to the Jimi Hendrix set
  • Further the compilation includes now the "WoodODDS & WoodSODS" bonus CD which contains a few recordings from the free stage and other places (e.g. the well known Jerry Garcia and Rosalie Sorrels jam behind the stage), unused audience tape segments and additional leftovers

Version 3 was released in February 2008, totalling 19 CDs (plus one bonus CD) with 236 tracks (plus 36 bonus tracks). Though five songs were added, V.3 has only two more tracks. This results because of different track splicing. No songs of V.2 were left out on V.3!

V.4: Woodstock Complete - 2012 Edition Edit

Followed by the 40th anniversary of the Woodstock festival in 2009 and its following releases of yet unheard music, the idea of a new Woodstock Complete version came up. The newly released tracks are now a fix part of the package, as well as recently discovered audience recordings. A new arrangement of non-music audio snippets - introductions, speeches, crowd chants or simply weather noises - give the new version the feeling of a real documentary.

The fourth version was released to the public in August 2012. The preparation work did roughly take one year. The goal was to incorporate as much material as possible and making it also enjoyable to listen to. Many level correction and edits were necessary to reach a smooth listening experience.

The new version reached a tremendous size of 26 discs totaling 312 tracks. This means more than 25 hours of original Woodstock material! The "WoodODDS & WoodSODS" bonus CD was dropped.


  • Four recently surfaced audience tapes were mixed into the compilation
    • The A27 tape, contains some Ten Years After fragments and ambiance pieces
    • The Ira Stone stage tape completes Bert Sommer’s set
    • The Dave Miller Tape; it contains ultra-rare Keef Hartley material as well as some other things
    • The Ken Bielen tape, the best sounding one of the four, contains some missing spots here and there
  • All bands' sets where updated with the new official releases which were released in the mean time
  • The bands' running order (order of performances) was finally confirmed as accurate and will never change again

V.5: Woodstock Complete - 2014 EditionEdit

As the 45th Anniversary approached, the Woodstock Project switched from using the increasingly obsolete Yahoo Groups format and email discussions to its own online forum which made communication between members much more efficient.  There was little new music to appear for the anniversary but a few new or upgraded songs were introduced as a bonus disc of performances when the Woodstock film was released on Blu-Ray.  Furthering the "documentary" feel the project had become, the discarded "WoodODDS & WoodSODS" disc material was re-examined and the unique material was combined with various on-site ambiance, interviews, commentary, home-movie audio and news reports.  These were integrated into the project as a whole with the option available of seperating these non-musical tracks as a subset or having both on-stage and off-stage selections combined chronolgically as one big experience.  Further editing was made on cross-fading, balancing and fixing previous mistakes.  A new bonus disc was also offered to forum members, largely featuring audio from the Dick Cavett "Woodstock" show which was filmed and aired on Monday, August 18, mere hours after the festival had ended.  New CD covers were also provided, this time with extensive liner-notes and photos.

With both the main musical project and the off-stage subset combined, the Project was now a whopping 29 CDs totalling nearly 30 hours of audio.

Additions and improvements[3]:

  • Audio from the Sony portapak video cameras used by the Jefferson Airplane crew and the FreevideoX documentary team provided much interview and ambiance material.
  • A box set of interviews by radio DJ and reporter Howard Smith ("The Smith Tapes") was released in late 2013.  One disc featured several exclusive on-site reports made throughout the entire festival phoned in to WABC-FM radio.  Another disc featured audio from a cassette recording Smith had made as he wandered about the festival site.  Along with audience commentaries and ambience he captured exclusive musical material including Melanie's otherwise unavailable "Animal Crackers" and the backstage jam by the Incredible String Band Friday night during the rain.
  • A BBC interview with Elliot Tiber featured an otherwise unknown snippet of Haven's "I'm a Stranger Here".
  • The 45th Anniversary limited edition release of the Woodstock film on blu-ray featured a bonus disc of performances which provided Melanie's "Mr. Tambourine Man" and "Tuning My Guitar", Joan Baez's "Oh Happy Day" and a complete, clean "I Shall Be Released", upgrades of The Who's "Pinball Wizard" and "Sparks", CSN's "Helplessly Hoping" and Sha Na Na's "Book of Love".
  • Several on-site news reports, including WNEW's Mike Eisgrau and WVOS's Harry Borwick, were included.
  • An alternate soundboard source provided additional material during the mid-set chaos during the Grateful Dead's performance.
  • Previous bonus disc material such as the Redmond-Campbell "Free Stage" recording were reintegrated into the main audio project. 

Track Listing Edit

This is the complete track list of the current Woodstock Complete - 2014 Edition.

  • "A" denotes the primary Woodstock Project - everything which occurred on-stage.
  • "B" denotes the subset - various interviews, music, dialogue and ambiance at the festival.

The listener can choose to listen to the project this way or, as the A/B system denotes, they can easily separate the primary set from the subset as two distinct projects.


A001 - 001 Original Radio Ad (Scott Muni, WNEW-FM, New York)
A002 - 002 Original Radio Ad (Bill "Rosko" Mercer, WNEW-FM, New York)
B01 - 003 Original Radio Ad (provided by the "Straight Ahead" audio Hendrix fanzine)
A003 - 004 Re-enacted Radio Ad ("Woodstock" film, 40th anniversary extras)
B02 - 005 "If it works" (Michael Lang pre-event on-site interview, "Woodstock" film)
A004 - 006 Radio News Report ("Woodstock" film, 40th anniversary extras)
B03 - 007 Crowd rolling in, announcements (NBC newsreel footage)
B04 - 008 Townspeople interviews (inc. Ken Van Loan & Art Vassmer) in White Lake as crowd rolls in ("Woodstock" film)
B05 - 009 John Morris orders helicopters ("Woodstock" film)
B06 - 010 Crowd and traffic commotion
B07 - 011 Glenn McKay & Jefferson Airplane's light show crew arrives/filming skinny dippers at Fillippini pond/the nude ingenue from Missouri (Sony portapak footage)
B08 - 012 "Free John Sinclair" (selling ‘zines at the site. "Woodstock Diary")
B09 - 013 Earthlight Theater troupe performance ("Woodstock" film)
B10 - 014 Bill Graham discussing crowd control ("Woodstock" film)
B11 - 015 Hugh Romney roaming the crowd ("Woodstock" film)
B12 - 016 Howard Smith & crew backstage equipment prep, conversation, discussing ticket sales and concert "freebie" concerns ("The Smith Tapes", pt. 1)
B13 - 017 campers in the woods/music (NBC newsreel footage)
A005 - 018 Pre-show announcements (minor adjustments, speed corrected and equalized)

A006 - 101 John Morris / Richie Havens into
A007 - 102 Richie Havens: From the Prison (inc. Get Together)
A008 - 103 Richie Havens: I'm a Stranger Here (new audio from BBC interview clip)
A009 - 104 Richie Havens: "You're All Groovy"
A010 - 105 Richie Havens: High Flying Bird
A011 - 106 Richie Havens: I Can't Make It Anymore
A012 - 107 Richie Havens: Handsome Johnny
A013 - 108 Richie Havens: With a Little Help From My Friends
A014 - 109 Richie Havens: "A Hundred Million Songs"
A015 - 110 Richie Havens: Strawberry Fields Forever (inc. Hey Jude)
A016 - 111 Richie Havens: Improvisation and Tuning
A017 - 112 Richie Havens: Freedom (inc. Motherless Child(
B14 - 113 Backstage commotion (during "Freedom") (Howard Smith Tapes, pt. 2)
B15 - 114 "How can I ever live in East side of Manhattan after this scene?" (Artie Kornfeld, "Woodstock" film")
A018 - 115 Stage Announcements: "Choppity-Choppity" (John Morris)
B16 - 116 Swami Satchidananda comments ("Woodstock" film)
A019 - 117 Stage Announcements: "It's Free Concert From Now On (John Morris)
A020 - 118 Swami Satchidananda Saraswati Speech
A021 - 119 Woodstock Nation Yoga Chant
B17 - 120 "Almost Unbelievable" (Howard Smith report)

A022 - 201 Sweetwater: Motherless Child
A023 - 202 Sweetwater: Look Out
A024 - 203 Sweetwater: For Pete's Sake
A025 - 204 Sweetwater: Day Song (additional audio from Howard Smith tape pt. 3)
A026 - 205 Sweetwater: What's Wrong
A026 - 206 Sweetwater: My Crystal Spider
A027 - 207 Sweetwater: Band introductions
A028 - 208 Sweetwater: Two Worlds
A029 - 209 Sweetwater: Why Oh Why - Oh Happy Day (inc. Let the Sunshine In)
B18 - 210 Arlo Guthrie comments ("Woodstock film")
B19 - 211 "Grand Entrance to the Massive Stage" (Howard Smith report)

A030 - 301 John Morris intro /Bert Sommer: Jennifer
A031 - 302 Bert Sommer: The Road to Travel
A032 - 303 Bert Sommer: I Wondered Where You'd Be
A033 - 304 Bert Sommer: She's Gone
A034 - 305 Bert Sommer: Things Are Going My Way
A035 - 306 Bert Sommer: And When It's Over
A036 - 307 Bert Sommer: Jeanette
A037 - 308 Bert Sommer: America
A039 - 309 Bert Sommer: A Note That Read
A040 - 310 Bert Sommer: Smile
B20 - 311 "Puny gathering"/discussing David's arrest (Joan Baez backstage interview, film)
A041 - 312 Stage Announcements: "There Goes Marilyn!" (John Morris)
A042 - 313 Tim Hardin: How Can We Hang On to a Dream
A043 - 314 Tim Hardin: If I Were a Carpenter
A044 - 315 Tim Hardin: Snow White Lady (possible fragment, Smith Tapes pt. 4)
A045 - 316 Tim Hardin: Blues On The Ceiling
A046 - 317 Tim Hardin: Simple Song of Freedom
A047 - 318 Stage Announcements: "Flat Blue Acid" (John Morris)
A048 - 319 Tim Hardin: Misty Roses
A049 - 320 Stage Announcements: "It's Just Bad Acid" (Hugh Romney)

A050 - 401 Ravi Shankar: Raga Puriya Dhanashri - Gat in Sawarital
A051 - 402 Ravi Shankar: Tabla Solo in Jhaptal (w. Alla Rakha)
A052 - 403 Ravi Shankar: Raga Manj Kmahaj
B21 - 404 Walking to the Free Stage (Derek Redmond & Paul Campbell)
B22 - 405 Eleanor Rigby (Free Stage)
B23 - 406 I'm Your Dream (Free Stage)
A053 - 407 Melanie: Momma Momma (Howard Smith tape pt.5 between songs)
A054 - 408 Melanie: Beautiful People (Howard Smith tape pt. 6 between songs)
A055 - 409 Melanie: Animal Crackers (Howard Smith tape pt. 7)
A056 - 410 Melanie: Mr. Tambourine Man (Woodstock 45th anniversary limited edition blu-ray)
A057 - 411 Melanie: Tuning My Guitar (Woodstock 45th anniversary limited edition blu-ray)
A058 - 412 Melanie: Birthday of the Sun (smoother crossfade)
B24 - 413 Backstage chatter & ambience (Howard Smith tape pt. 8, during Melanie's "Tuning My Guitar)

B25 - 501 Backstage commotion, Inside the headquarters trailer, Ruby the Dog & distant stage announcements (Howard Smith tape pt. 9)
A059 - 502 Arlo Guthrie: Coming Into Los Angeles (composite of 40th anniversary CD with opening vocals from film; smoother crossfade)
A060 - 503 Arlo Guthrie: Wheel of Fortune
A061 - 504 Arlo Guthrie: Walking Down the Line
A062 - 505 Arlo Guthrie: Exodus
A063 - 506 Arlo Guthrie: Oh Mary, Don't You Weep
A064 - 507 Arlo Guthrie: Every Hand in the Land
A065 - 508 Arlo Guthrie: Amazing Grace
B26 - 509 Incredible String Band jam (backstage during Arlo's set. Howard Smith tape pt. 10)
A066 - 510 Stage Announcements: "All You Funny People" (John Morris)

A067 - 601 John Morris intro / Joan Baez: Oh, Happy Day (Woodstock 45th anniversary limited edition blu-ray)
A068 - 602 Joan Baez: The Last Thing on My Mind
A069 - 603 Joan Baez: I Shall Be Released (Woodstock 45th anniversary limited edition blu-ray)
A070 - 604 Joan Baez: "One of David's Favorite Songs"
A071 - 605 Joan Baez: Joe Hill
A072 - 606 Joan Baez: Sweet Sir Galahad
A073 - 607 Joan Baez: Hickory Wind
A074 - 608 Joan Baez: Drug Store Truck Drivin' Man (w. Jeffrey Shurtleff)
A075 - 609 Joan Baez: One Day At a Time (w. Jeffery Shurtleff)
A076 - 610 Joan Baez: Warm and Tender Love (w. Jeffery Shurtleff)
A077 - 611 Joan Baez: Swing Low Sweet Chariot
A078 - 612 Joan Baez: We Shall Overcome
A079 - 613 Stage Announcements: "Bring Scully His Asthma Pills" (John Morris)


B27 - 701 "Tired, wet people" (Howard Smith report)
B28 - 702 Jefferson Airplane crew leaving the Holiday Inn in Liberty NY for the festival, getting caught in traffic & making plans for arriving via helicopter (portapak)
B29 - 703 Helicopters bringing in supplies (NBC newsreel footage)
A080 - 704 Saturday Morning stage Announcements: "The first free city in the world" (John Morris, Hugh Romney, Tom Law, etc.) (New edit equalized; Woodstock Diary, Redmond-Campbell tape, NBC News Footage)
B30 - 705 "Is that Garcia?"/"Look at all those people!" (bands arriving by helicopter, film outtake)
B31 - 706 Jerry Garcia artist pavilion comments ("Woodstock" film)
B32 - 707 Helicopter report (WNEW-FM Mike Eisgrau)
B33 - 708 "You're as naked as a jaybird" (WNEW-FM Mike Eisgrau)
B34 - 709 Comments from locals (WNEW-FM Mike Eisgrau)
B35 - 710 "The Red Shoes"/"A Ride to Michigan" (The Furthur Bus at the Hog Farm site)
A081 - 711 Saturday afternoon stage Announcements: "They are with us" (John Morris) (New edit equalized; "Woodstock" director's cut, Woodstock Diary, 40 Years On)
A082 - 712 Quill: They Live the Life
A083 - 713 Quill: That's How I Eat
A084 - 714 Stage Announcements: "Kiss ‘Em and Lick ‘Em" (John Morris & Hugh Romney)
A085 - 715 Quill: Waiting For You
B36 - 716 "The Security Men" (Howard Smith report)
B37 - 717 On-site interviews (WNEW-FM, New York Mike Eisgrau)
B38 - 718 Harry Borwick radio report (WVOS-FM, Monticello, NY)

A086 - 801 Stage Announcements: "Elliot From Harvard" (Chip Monck)
A087 - 802 Stage Announcements: "I Understand Your Wife is Having a Baby" (Chip Monck)
A088 - 803 Country Joe McDonald intro
A089 - 804 Country Joe McDonald: Janis
A090 - 805 Country Joe McDonald: Donovan's Reef
A091 - 806 Country Joe McDonald: Rockin' All Around the World
A092 - 807 Country Joe McDonald: Flyin' High
A093 - 808 Country Joe McDonald: Seen a Rocket
A094 - 809 Country Joe McDonald: "FISH" Cheer/I-Feel-Like-I'm-Fixin'-To-Die Rag
A095 - 810 Country Joe McDonald: I-Feel-Like-I'm-Fixin'-To-Die Rag (reprise)
A096 - 811 Santana: Waiting
A097 - 812 Santana: Evil Ways
A098 - 813 Santana: You Just Don't Care
A099 - 814 Santana: Savor
A100 - 815 Santana: Jingo
A101 - 816 Santana: Persuasion
A102 - 817 Santana: Soul Sacrifice
A103 - 818 Santana: Fried Neckbones and Some Home Fries
B39 - 819 "It's Just Family" (Artie Kornfeld, over "Soul Sacrifice", film)
B40 - 820 Backstage chatting and recreation (portapak video, over "Fried Neckbones", with Marni [Woodstock ventures communications trailer worker], "Geri", "Fritz", Harvey Tuna [Woodstock Ventures security] & Jefferson Airplane's road group).
A104 - 821 Intermission: ambiance, distant stage announcements (portapak video)
A105 - 822 Stage Announcements buried under dialogue
B41 - 823 "Everyone Was Swimming Nude" (Howard Smith report)
B42 - 824 Skinny Dipping At Filippini Pond ("Woodstock" film)
B43 - 825 I Wish I Could Be the Rain (Rosalie Sorrels with Jerry Garcia; backstage)

DISC 10:
A106 - 901 Chip Monck/John Sebastian: Intro (Woodstock Diary)
A107 - 902 John Sebastian: How Have You Been
A108 - 903 John Sebastian: Rainbow All Over You Blues
A109 - 904 John Sebastian: I Had a Dream
A110 - 905 John Sebastian: Darling Be Home Soon
A111 - 906 John Sebastian: Younger Generation
B44 - 907 "Beautifully Calm, Still Friendly" (Howard Smith report)
A112 - 908 Stage Announcements: "Cousin Al Is Sick"
B45 - 909 Woodstock ambiance (Howard Smith Tape, pt. 11)
A113 - 910 Keef Hartley Band: Spanish Fly
A114 - 911 Keef Hartley Band: Think It Over
A115 - 912 Keef Hartley Band: Too Much Thinking
A116 - 913 Keef Hartley Band: Believe In You (Fragment, Smith Tape, pt. 12)
A117 - 914 Keef Hartley Band: The Halfbreed
A118 - 915 Intermission: Stage Announcements (buried under ISB tuning)
A119 - 916 Incredible String Band: Invocation
A120 - 917 Incredible String Band: The Letter
A121 - 918 Incredible String Band: Gather ‘Round
A122 - 919 Incredible String Band: This Moment
A123 - 920 Incredible String Band: When You Find Out Who You Are
A124 - 921 Stage Announcements: "She Is Lost" (Chip Monck)
A125 - 922 Stage Announcements: "We're In Pretty Good Shape" (Chip Monck)
B46 - 923 "All Problems Seem to Be Ironed Out" (Howard Smith report)

DISC 11:
A126 - 1001 Canned Heat: I'm Her Man
A127 - 1002 Canned Heat: Going Up the Country
A128 - 1003 Canned Heat: A Change Is Gonna Come / Leaving this Town
A129 - 1004 Canned Heat: I Know My Baby (inc. Rollin' Blues)
A130 - 1005 Canned Heat: Woodstock Boogie
A131 - 1006 Stage Announcements: "Please, if you will" (Chip Monck) (Bielen tape; smoother edit)
A132 - 1007 Canned Heat: On the Road Again
B47 - 1008 Unknown record played over PA system (fragment, Smith Tape pt. 13)

DISC 12:
A133 - 1101 Stage Announcements: "The Brown Acid Is Not Specifically Too Good" (Chip Monck)
A134 - 1102 Chip Monck intro / Mountain: Blood of the Sun
A135 - 1103 Mountain: Stormy Monday (upgrade)
A136 - 1104 Mountain: Theme From an Imaginary Western
A137 - 1105 Mountain: Long Red
A138 - 1106 Mountain: Untitled ("For Yasgur's Farm")
A139 - 1107 Mountain: Beside the Sea
A140 - 1108 Mountain: Waiting to Take You Away
A141 - 1109 Mountain: Dreams of Milk and Honey (inc. Guitar Solo)
A142 - 1110 Mountain: Southbound Train
A143 - 1111 Stage Announcements: "Those of You Who Have Partaken of the Green Acid" (Chip Monck)

DISC 13:
A144 - 1201 Stage Announcements: "Open Your Eyes Wide" (Joshua White)
A145 - 1202 Ken Babbs/Chip Monck intro
A146 - 1203 Grateful Dead: Saint Stephen
A147 - 1204 Grateful Dead: Mama Tried
A148 - 1205 Grateful Dead: High Time (aborted)
A149 - 1206 Equipment Failure and Stage chaos (combination of multitrack tape & alternate Soundboard source)
A150 - 1207 Grateful Dead: Dark Star
A151 - 1208 Grateful Dead: High Time

DISC 14:
A152 - 1301 Grateful Dead: Turn On Your Lovelight
A153 - 1302 Chip Monck outro and Stage Announcements (longer version)
A153 - 1303 Stage Announcement fragment
B48 - 1304 "Community and Group Spirit" (Howard Smith Report)
B49 - 1305 "Huntley-Brinkley Report" (NBC-TV with Lem Tucker on-site report)

DISC 15:
A154 - 1401 Creedence Clearwater Revival: Born On the Bayou
A155 - 1402 Creedence Clearwater Revival: Green River
A156 - 1403 Creedence Clearwater Revival: Ninety-Nine and a Half (Won't Do)
A157 - 1404 Creedence Clearwater Revival: Bootleg
A158 - 1405 Creedence Clearwater Revival: Commotion
A159 - 1406 Creedence Clearwater Revival: Bad Moon Rising
A160 - 1407 Creedence Clearwater Revival: Proud Mary
A161 - 1408 Creedence Clearwater Revival: I Put a Spell On You
A162 - 1409 Creedence Clearwater Revival: The Night Time (Is the Right Time)
A163 - 1410 Creedence Clearwater Revival: Keep on Chooglin'
A164 - 1411 Creedence Clearwater Revival: Suzie Q

DISC 16:
A165 - 1501 Janis Joplin: Raise Your Hand
A166 - 1502 Janis Joplin: As Good As You've Been to This World
A167 - 1503 Janis Joplin: To Love Somebody
A168 - 1504 Janis Joplin: Summertime
A169 - 1505 Janis Joplin: Try (Just a Little Bit Harder)
A170 - 1506 Janis Joplin: Kozmic Blues
A171 - 1507 Janis Joplin: Can't Turn You Loose (w. Snooky Flowers)
A172 - 1508 Janis Joplin: Work Me Lord
A173 - 1509 Janis Joplin: Piece of My Heart
A174 - 1510 Janis Joplin: Ball and Chain

DISC 17:
A175 - 1601 Pre-set Check/Chip Monck intro
A176 - 1602 Sly and the Family Stone: M'Lady
A177 - 1603 Sly and the Family Stone: Sing a Simple Song
A178 - 1604 Sly and the Family Stone: You Can Make It If You Try
A179 - 1605 Sly and the Family Stone: Everyday People
A180 - 1606 Sly and the Family Stone: Dance to the Music
A181 - 1607 Sly and the Family Stone: Music Lover/I Want to Take You Higher
A182 - 1608 Sly and the Family Stone: I Want to Take You Higher
A183 - 1609 Sly and the Family Stone: Love City
A184 - 1610 Sly and the Family Stone: Stand!

DISC 18:
A185 - 1701 Stage Announcements: "The Politics of the Situation" (Abbie Hoffman)
A186 - 1702 Chip Monck intro / The Who: Heaven and Hell
A187 - 1703 The Who: I Can't Explain (2012 editing mistake corrected)
A188 - 1704 The Who: It's a Boy
A189 - 1705 The Who: 1921
A190 - 1706 The Who: Amazing Journey >
A191 - 1707 Sparks (upgrade; "Sparks" upgrade from limited edition 45th anniversary blu-ray)
A192 - 1708 The Who: Eyesight to the Blind
A193 - 1709 The Who: Christmas
A194 - 1710 The Who: The Acid Queen
A195 - 1711 The Who: Pinball Wizard (upgrade from limited edition 45th anniversary blu-ray)
A196 - 1712 Abbie Hoffman vs Pete Townshend
A197 - 1713 The Who: Do You Think It's Alright
A198 - 1714 The Who: Fiddle About
A199 - 1715 The Who: There's a Doctor I've Found
A200 - 1716 The Who: Go to the Mirror
A201 - 1717 The Who: Smash the Mirror
A202 - 1718 The Who: I'm Free
A203 - 1719 The Who: Tommy's Holiday Camp
A204 - 1720 The Who: We're Not Gonna Take It
A205 - 1721 The Who: Summertime Blues
A206 - 1722 The Who: Shakin' All Over
A207 - 1723 The Who: My Generation / The Naked Eye

DISC 19:
A208 - 1801 Stage Announcements: "Doctor Request" (Chip Monck)
A209 - 1802 Chip Monck / Grace Slick intro
A210 - 1803 Jefferson Airplane: The Other Side of this Life
A211 - 1804 Jefferson Airplane: Somebody to Love
A212 - 1805 Jefferson Airplane: 3/5 of a Mile in 10 Seconds
A213 - 1806 Jefferson Airplane: Won't You Try / Saturday Afternoon
A214 - 1807 Jefferson Airplane: Eskimo Blue Day
A215 - 1808 Jefferson Airplane: Plastic Fantastic Lover
A216 - 1809 Jefferson Airplane: Wooden Ships
A217 - 1810 Jefferson Airplane: Uncle Sam's Blues

DISC 20:
A218 - 1901 Jefferson Airplane: Volunteers
A219 - 1902 Jefferson Airplane: The Ballad of You, Me and Pooneil
A220 - 1903 Jefferson Airplane: Come Back Baby
A221 - 1904 Jefferson Airplane: White Rabbit
A222 - 1905 Jefferson Airplane: The House at Pooneil Corners
B50 - 1906 "Emotional Colors" (over "White Rabbit", "Woodstock" film)
B51 - 1907 At the Payphones ("Woodstock" film, "Woodstock Diaries")
B52 - 1908 "Declared a Disaster Area" ("Woodstock" film)
B53 - 1909 "Dead Tired But Happy (Howard Smith report)


DISC 21:
A223 - 2001 Sunday Morning Stage Announcements: "Breakfast In Bed For 400,000" (Hugh Romney, John Morris, etc) (new edit equalized)
B54 - 2002 "Spam, tin tuna fish and kippered herring" (volunteers in the free kitchen, FreevideoX footage)
B55 - 2003 "How's the food?" (volunteers in the free kitchen, FreevideoX footage)
B56 - 2004 "Just Perfect; it's beautiful" (FreevideoX footage)
B57 - 2005 "We're Never Gonna Leave" (FreevideoX footage)
B58 - 2006 "LSD vs Coca-Cola" (FreevideoX footage)
B59 - 2007 "Put the violence Where the violence Belongs (FreevideoX footage)
B60 - 2008 "A special service announcement" (FreevideoX footage)
B61 - 2009 "The Facilities" (FreevideoX footage)
B62 - 2010 Litterbugs and Sharing food (FreevideoX footage)
B63 - 2011 "It's Good Grass" (FreevideoX footage)
B64 - 2012 "Are You a Narc?" (FreevideoX footage)
B65 - 2013 "It's Away From the City" (FreevideoX footage)
B66 - 2014 "Will I Be In the Movie?" (FreevideoX footage)
B67 - 2015 "Sanitation and rat bites" (FreevideoX footage)
B68 - 2016 Outside the Hospital Tent (unknown music over the PA. FreevideoX footage)
B69 - 2017 Inside the hospital tent (FreevideoX footage)
B70 - 2018 Outside commotion and ambiance (FreevideoX footage)
B71 - 2019 Boston volunteer interview (FreevideoX footage)
B72 - 2020 Volunteers coordinating with security (unknown music over the PA. FreevideoX footage)
B73 - 2021 interview with medic (FreevideoX footage)
B74 - 2022 interview with female medical volunteer (FreevideoX footage)
B75 - 2023 "An Aquarian age Thing" (FreevideoX footage)
B76 - 2024 "parents will rue the day" (FreevideoX footage)
B77 - 2025 Louie Marvin of the Moonfire commune with "Chops the Lamb" and volunteer inverviews at the freak-out tent (distant announcements and music on the PA.FreevideoX footage)
B78 - 2026 "Our Splinter expert is indisposed" / medic volunteer interviews (distant Announcements. FreevideoX footage)
B79 - 2027 Dog in distress at the hospital tent (FreevideoX footage)
B80 - 2028 "The biggest Party In the World!" (FreevideoX footage)
B81 - 2029 "A Shitty Mess" (Mr. & Mrs. Clarence Townshend - "Woodstock" film)
B82 - 2030 Vendor interview ("Woodstock" film)
B83 - 2031 Medic interview ("Woodstock" film)
B84 - 2032 "The most common ailment" (Howard Smith report)
A224 - 2033 Sunday Afternoon Stage Announcements (Muskrat, etc. Tom Taggart the port-o-san guy & Wayne Rogers interview) ("Woodstock" film, album, CBS news footage; new edit)
A225 - 2034 Max Yasgur speech

DISC 22:
B85 - 2101 "Smells Like Strawberries" (Joe Cocker sharing backstage, Director's cut film)
A226 - 2102 The Grease Band: Who Knows What Tomorrow May Bring
A227 - 2103 Joe Cocker: Dear Landlord
A228 - 2104 Joe Cocker: Something's Coming On
A229 - 2105 Joe Cocker: Do I Still Figure In Your Life
A230 - 2106 Joe Cocker: Feelin' Alright
A231 - 2107 Joe Cocker: Just Like a Woman
A232 - 2108 Joe Cocker: Let's Go Get Stoned
A233 - 2109 Joe Cocker: I Don't Need No Doctor
A234 - 2110 Joe Cocker: I Shall Be Released
A235 - 2111 Joe Cocker: Hitchcock Railway
A236 - 2112 Joe Cocker: Something To Say
A237 - 2113 Joe Cocker: With a Little Help From My Friends

DISC 23:
A238 - 2201 Stage Announcements: The Rainstorm (John Morris, etc.)
B86 - 2202 "Seeding the Clouds" ("Woodstock" film)
A239 - 2203 Woodstock Nation: Playing in the Rain/Stage Announcements/Mike and Artie interview
A240 - 2204 Country Joe and the Fish: Rock and Soul Music
A241 - 2205 Country Joe and the Fish: Love
A242 - 2206 Country Joe and the Fish: (Not So Sweet) Martha Lorraine
A243 - 2207 Country Joe and the Fish: Summer Dresses
A244 - 2208 Country Joe and the Fish: Silver and Gold
A245 - 2209 Country Joe and the Fish: Love Machine
A246 - 2210 Country Joe and the Fish: Rock and Soul Music (reprise)
A247 - 2211 Country Joe and the Fish: The "FISH" Cheer/ I-Feel-Like-I'm-Fixin'-To-Die Rag
B87 - 2212 "The Performances Will Continue Until Dawn" (Howard Smith report)

DISC 24:
A248 - 2301 Ten Years After: Spoonful (poor quality audience tape fragment)
A249 - 2302 Ten Years After: Good Morning Little Schoolgirl (poor quality audience tape fragment)
A250 - 2303 Ten Years After: I Can't Keep From Crying, Sometimes
A251 - 2304 Ten Years After: Help Me
A252 - 2305 Ten Years After: I'm Going Home
A253 - 2306 Stage Announcements: "That's not really for sitting" (Chip Monck)
A254 - 2307 The Band: Chest Fever
A255 - 2308 The Band: Baby Don't You Do It
A256 - 2309 The Band: Tears of Rage
A257 - 2310 The Band: We Can Talk
A258 - 2311 The Band: Long Black Veil
A259 - 2312 The Band: Don't Ya Tell Henry
A260 - 2313 The Band: Ain't No More Cane on the Brazos
A261 - 2314 The Band: This Wheel's On Fire
A262 - 2315 The Band: I Shall Be Released
A263 - 2316 The Band: The Weight
A264 - 2317 The Band: Loving You (Is Sweeter than Ever)

DISC 25:
A265 - 2401 Johnny Winter: Mama, Talk to Your Daughter
A266 - 2402 Johnny Winter: Leland Mississippi Blues
A267 - 2403 Johnny Winter: Mean Town Blues
A268 - 2404 Johnny Winter: You Done Lost Your Good Thing Now
A269 - 2405 Johnny Winter: I Can't Stand It (w. Edgar Winter)
A270 - 2406 Johnny Winter: Tobacco Road (w. Edgar Winter)
A271 - 2407 Johnny Winter: Tell the Truth (w. Edgar Winter)
A272 - 2408 Johnny Winter: Johnny B. Goode (w. Edgar Winter)

DISC 26:
A273 - 2501 Blood, Sweat and Tears: More and More
A274 - 2502 Blood, Sweat and Tears: Something's Coming On > More Than You'll Ever Know
A275 - 2503 Blood, Sweat and Tears: Spinning Wheel
A276 - 2504 Blood, Sweat and Tears: You've Made Me So Very Happy
A277 - 2505 Crosby, Stills and Nash: Suite: Judy Blue Eyes
A278 - 2506 Crosby, Stills and Nash: Blackbird
A279 - 2507 Crosby, Stills and Nash: Helplessly Hoping (upgrade with 45th Anniversary blu-ray)
A280 - 2508 Crosby, Stills and Nash: Guinevere
A281 - 2509 Crosby, Stills and Nash: Marrakesh Express
A282 - 2510 Crosby, Stills and Nash: 4+20
A283 - 2511 Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young: Mr. Soul
A284 - 2512 Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young: Long Time Gone
A285 - 2513 Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young: Sea of Madness
A286 - 2514 Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young: Wooden Ships
A287 - 2515 Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young: Find the Cost of Freedom

DISC 27:
A288 - 2601 Stage Announcements: "Good Morning" (Chip Monck)
B88 - 2602 "It's Still Going On" (Howard Smith report)
A288 - 2603 The Butterfield Blues Band: No Amount of Loving
A289 - 2604 The Butterfield Blues Band: Driftin' Blues
A290 - 2605 The Butterfield Blues Band: Morning Sunrise
A291 - 2606 The Butterfield Blues Band: All In a Day
A292 - 2607 The Butterfield Blues Band: Love March
A293 - 2608 The Butterfield Blues Band: Everything's Gonna Be Alright
B89 - 2609 Spanish fans interview (Lem Tucker, NBC-TV news)
B90 - 2610 Louie Marvin of the Moonfire commune interview (Lem Tucker, NBC-TV news)
B91 - 2611 "Some people don't know how to live" (Lem Tucker interview, NBC-TV news)
A294 - 2612 Sha Na Na: Get a Job
A295 - 2613 Sha Na Na: Teen Angel
A296 - 2614 Sha Na Na: Wipeout
A297 - 2615 Sha Na Na: The Book of Love (upgrade with 45th Anniversary blu-ray)
A298 - 2616 Sha Na Na: At the Hop
A299 - 2617 Sha Na Na: Duke of Earl
A300 - 2618 Sha Na Na: Get a Job (reprise)
A301 - 2619 Stage Announcements: "A Short Intermission" (Chip Monck)
B92 - 2620 Instrumental/Season of the Witch (Audience member Jim Uhl [of the Lawrence, Kansas group Smack], portapak video shot by Albert Goodman)

DISC 28:
A302 - 2701 Stage Announcements: Chip Monck and Jimi Hendrix intro
A303 - 2702 Jimi Hendrix: Message to the Universe (Message to Love)
A304 - 2703 Jimi Hendrix: Getting My Heart Back Together
A305 - 2704 Jimi Hendrix: Spanish Castle Magic
A306 - 2705 Jimi Hendrix: Red House
A307 - 2706 Jimi Hendrix: Master Mind (Larry Lee vocal)
A308 - 2707 Jimi Hendrix: Lover Man
A309 - 2708 Jimi Hendrix: Foxey Lady
A310 - 2709 Jimi Hendrix: Jam Back at the House (Beginnings)

DISC 29:
A311 - 2801 Jimi Hendrix: Izabella
A312 - 2802 Jimi Hendrix: Gypsy Woman (Aware of Love) (Larry Lee vocal)
A313 - 2803 Jimi Hendrix: Fire
A314 - 2804 Jimi Hendrix: Voodoo Child (Slight Return) (including Stepping Stone)
A315 - 2805 Jimi Hendrix: Star-Spangled Banner
A316 - 2806 Jimi Hendrix: Purple Haze / Woodstock improvisation
A317 - 2807 Jimi Hendrix: Villanova Junction
A318 - 2808 Jimi Hendrix: Hey Joe
A319 - 2809 Stage Announcements: Woodstock Farewell (Chip Monck)
B93 - 2810 "And It Was All Over" (Howard Smith report)
B94 - 2811 Lingering audience news interviews (VH-1 Behind the Music)
B95 - 2812 Townspeople comments and Arguing ("Woodstock" film)
B96 - 2813 "I'm not a cop" (Sheriff Louis Ratner, "Woodstock" film")
B97 - 2814 Hendrix post-festival Canadian interview (WNEW-FM Mike Eisgrau)

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